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From a project to its development
From a problem to its solution

The very first engine that moves our activity is passion: a passion for alternative energies and anything related to them. A whole universe made of technologies, rules, ideals, technical know-hows and multiple experiences.
Giocosolutions developed, patented and manufactures this innovative flexible solar panels realized with G Wire technology and special techno polymers that allows great efficiency while reducing the weight of the panels to 1/8 respect to a standard solar panel. Nautica - Kit Marinegk-is-143.jpglink Electric Bike - Bici Elettrica in legnogk-is-143.jpglink solari portatili usb -Portable panel usb solar chargergk-is-143.jpglink
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New portable solar panels usb 6W

Giocosolutions introduces a new product for free time...the foldable 6Watt panels! Ideal in any circumnstances to recharge small electronical devices as smarthphones or ipod thanks to usb exit. It is perfect to be carried in bag or backpack due to its small size, GHP6P...Energy in freedom!

WH Solar Cats - Solar Car Challenge Resu…

    Closing Ceremony: The WH Solar Cats Team finally end off the race placing 4th in the nation. Total distance: 475 miles. Great experience, Great job guys!  

The city of the future? It is smart and …

Over two hundred years have passed since the birth of the industrial city, embodied by the image of nineteenth-century London, with its smoke gray and dirty air. In Italy, the automotive industry gave Torino the primacy of the most polluted city of the peninsula: a gray veil of smog stuck over the urban area, motionless...

Western High School Solar Car Challenge …

Giocosolutions,thanks to its flexible solar panels, is contributing to the Solar Car Challenge as a sponsor of the WH Solar Cats team. The guys gave big dedication and inventiveness on the cars creation trusting Giocosolutions products. Our flexible solar panels, light and flexible, are ideal for this kind of application. Follow us to keep updated...

Gioco Solutions Flexible Solar Panels


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Why choose a Giocosolutions flexible solar panel

For their innovative characteristics, Giocosolutions photovoltaic flexible solar panels fit perfectly in many different contexts: off grid applications such as boating, camper motor home, huts as well as in stand-alone on grid systems, all sectors where their lightness, efficiency and flexibility allow an optimal integration.

energyMore energy each day

Thanks to the use of low metallization cells which allow a better efficiency of the panel


Adapt to all surfaces, even curves

walkHigh resistance and Walk on panels

Possibility of walking on panels thanks to the use of high resiliency techno-polymers

microcrackingMicrocracking managing

Thanks to the new G Wire technology with highly conductive silver alloy contacts

thinLight & thin

1/8 weight respect to classical glass panels, just 1.5 mm thin

seaHigh resistance to marine enviroment

Certified IEC 61701:2011 against salty mist

customEasy to be integrated

Using adhesive, eyelets, tenax and zip

italyMade in Italy

Developed and produced by Giocosolutions